Hairstyles of Downtown is proud to use and offer the finest of hair care products.

Colors displayed are for example only. Discuss your haircare needs with the colorist


Bosley has developed a unique line of hair care products and we offer a variety of their hair care kits for the client experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Your stylist can explain both use, and, which product would be beneficial.


Kenra  hair care products are distinguished by using a blend of pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients that provide extraordinary performance. Their products are highly recognized for reliable and consistent performance.  Ask your stylist to recommend a Kenra product.


Pravana's Hair Care Collection is comprised of seven different categories to ensure that all hair types have the treatment they need - Specialty treatments are offered by Hairstyles of Downtown.


Sculpting, Molding, Holding, Forming, Flowing, Flaunting ~ Sebastian products allow for all!  Fearless styling isn't a limp statement, but a style uniquely, fiercely Sebastian.